Yoga Thoughts

Some things I think in yoga

-is this mat supposed to smell like this?

-I’m pretty sure my shirt is about to fall off…

-isn’t one sun salutation sufficient?

-I swear to god, if she says downward dog one more time….

-maybe you didn’t hear, there’s this thing called gravity, it has laws and I’m pretty sure you’re breaking about five of them right now

-nope, nope, nope

-why does nobody else’s face look like they’re in pain?

-ow, ow, ow, my thighs

-oh good, a modified version

-what is she even saying, who made up the names for all of these things?

-so much empathy for pretzels right now

-thank god for savasana

-I’m already lying on the floor, might as well take a nap

-i wonder if everyone can hear my thoughts, that would be awkward

-this place is like a cult, I better leave before they try to recruit me


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